Hearn, Andy

The property
Availability: Flexible. Online or face-to-face Charges: $100 + GST per hour
Venue: Flexible
Qualifications: ICF Certified Coach; Certificate in Adult Teaching; Master of Physiotherapy; GradDip OSH; GradDip Management
I’m an experienced Wellbeing Specialist and Coach based in Christchurch. Whether you’re seeking supervision for personal or professional purposes (or both) a coaching/supervision process can help you reflect, gain clarity, set goals and (most importantly) take action. I work with a range of clients including those who are: seeking a better work/life balance; wanting professional progression; dealing with workplace conflict; recovering from burnout or other mental and/or physical health challenges; dealing with other major life transitions (redundancy/restructure); or wanting to take a more holistic and proactive approach to their wellbeing and resilience in these turbulent times. I’ve previously held senior health and wellbeing roles at the CDHB and within the Education and NGO Mental Health sectors. My coaching/supervision is based on the development of a professional, high trust relationship. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andy-hearn-10315742/  

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