Johnson, Ian

The property
Availability: By mutual agreement as to times/dates, frequency and duration Charges: $100 per hr front line staff $125 per hr managers/leaders
Venue: By mutual arrangement Qualifications: Level 5 Cert. Human Services, Supervision, Weltec
Making a sound connection is where I begin and I work with meaning and purpose from there. The relationship is mutual and varies between mild challenge and support. MY background includes business, marketing, management, training and development and 15 years in NGO mental health, most of it as a manager in a peer to peer organisation. I work with International Peer Support, Recovery/Strengths and Te Whare Taopa Wha as well as using naive enquiry, reflection and qualifying questions. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. Confidentiality is central to the supervision relationship as is being mindful of boundaries and the potential for conflicts of interest. A negotiated supervision agreement describes our relationship.

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