Johnson, Ian

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Availability: By mutual agreement as to times/dates, frequency and duration Charges: $100 per hr front line staff $125 per hr managers/leaders
Venue: By mutual arrangement Qualifications: Level 5 Cert. Human Services, Supervision, Weltec

Developing a sound supervision relationship begins with our making meaningful connection with one another. I like to start by first meeting with you for a half an hour, after which we can decide whether we want to move forward into ongoing supervision sessions. We also use this time to establish mutual expectations, and identify any possible conflicts of interest. I don’t charge for this first short meeting.

Once we have confidence in each other the real work can begin. Through the regular and ongoing rhythm of supervision sessions we will grow our ability to identify resolutions to issues that may arise in the nature of your work. Sometimes this process involves a gentle challenge, and at other times simply affirmation and unqualified support.

My personal experiences of mental distress led to me 15 years working in the NGO mental health sector, much of this time has been in management. The Intentional Peer Support programme and other modalities inform how I am present in a supervision relationship with you.

Please ask me any questions you may want answers for.


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