Munro, Gina

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Availability: On request Charges: $120 per hour
Venue: (Nelson and online) On request Qualifications: P Grad. Prof Supervision. ACT (in the workplace). Genos Cert. Emotional Intelligence.
  Providing you with a confidential space in which to step back, take pause from your work and reflect upon work-related issues and the impact that they may be having on you either personally or professionally. Coming from business ownership and working as a  Business Mentor (BMNZ), it was always my intention to provide independent, inter-professional supervision across a wide range of different sectors. This allows me to work largely uninfluenced by external or organisational conflicts of interest or any dual relationships and seems to provide my supervisees with an additional degree of comfort with regards to their safety when disclosing. Working inter-professionally also allows me to explore with the curiosity of a new learner, eager to understand "why" without pre-judgement, assumption or ego. I consider myself to be an Experiential Learning Supervisor, which simply means that we learn from doing (past or present). My teachings in  Mindfulness (MBSR) and Emotional Intelligence (Genos) place an emphasis on the reflective practice of noticing thoughts, behaviours and actions. This effectively compliments my Contextual Behaviour Science tools (ACT) which promotes psychological flexibility and helps you to align your actions with what is important to you at an intrinsic level. My heart work is to support and guide you in living a rich, fulfilling life within your workplace setting. Please feel free to contact me for a non-obligation conversation to see if we would work well together.

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