Walters, Tyson

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Charges: $140 per session
Venue: Auckland and online
Qualifications: Post Grad Diploma Professional Supervision from University of Auckland
My professional supervision and coaching journey...

I started working and providing supervision and coaching services full time in 2017 as an internal supervisor with the New Zealand Government. This was at Ara Poutama Aotearoa | The Department of Corrections inside the practice leadership team supporting probation officers in the community, and case managers in prisons. In this role I was primarily focused on the provision of individual and group supervision to support front line practitioners. Along the way I have completed numerous trainings, courses, and qualifications related to supervision, reflective practice, and coaching which have been provided internally by the Government.

In 2020 I commenced postgraduate studies at the University of Auckland in professional supervision to learn more about the field and to upskill and develop in my practice to better support the practitioners I work with. At present I have completed a postgraduate diploma in professional supervision, and am currently continuing my learning at the University in pursuit of my masters in professional supervision.

In 2022 InCourage Supervision was born and I now offer services as an external supervisor and coach, while continuing to work in a part time capacity as an internal supervisor within Ara Poutama Aotearoa | Department of Corrections.

I have been living and breathing professional supervision and coaching full time since 2017 and look forward to bringing all that experience to help people get better and learn more, foster and develop practice wisdom, and continue to grow in their wellness.

My approach and style...

It is my privilege to partner and collaborate with people in the professional supervision or coaching space. My approach is centered around positive connection and relationship, and to take a strength based approach. I work hard to be aware of and attend to matters of power, diversity, difference, and culture which can be experienced when two people come together in the supervisory or coaching space. When considering these dynamics I like to explore them on equal ground with the people I work with, and use them as opportunities to foster stronger working alliances.

I am trained in numerous theories and models of reflective practice, however I draw my base and inspiration from two in particular. The seven eyed model of supervision created by Peter Hawkins is my preferred model for co-exploration in reflective practice, and I compliment this model with the reflective learning model of supervision by Allyson Davys which provides a process and pathway that assists with achieving outcomes from sessions.

With that being said I utilize numerous other methodologies to meet the needs of the people I work with. I consider myself stylistically to be an eclectic practitioner who is continuing to grow and evolve so that I may be of better service in supporting others who work in the helping professions.

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