Wilson, Lynere

The property
Availability:  Monday in person or Thursdays online Charges:  $120
Venue:  67 Durham Street
Qualifications: RN, PhD, MHealthSc (Mental Health), PG Dip (Mental Health), PG Dip (Counselling), BA
Affiliations: DAPAANZ registered Supervisor
I am a a registered nurse with 30+ years experience working in Mental Health services. My experience includes work in DHB and NGO services, private and NHS mental health in the UK, clinical research and teaching in New Zealand. I don't identify as having lived experience of mental distress but have found my connections to peer support services rewarding and central to challenging my views of how we respond to mental distress. I am currently a Board member of Balance Aotearoa, a national peer support organisation. I identify as Tangata Tiriti, a person whose family settled in New Zealand on the basis of Te Tiriti. Exploring the meaningful expression of the principles of The Treaty is important to my practice. I am a proud member of Rapaki Maori Women's Welfare League. I work part time for Moana House Training Institute  on its programme Te Taketake, a Level 7 Addictions Practitioner qualification. I am a DAPAANZ registered supervisor. As well as providing clinical supervision also have a practice as an EMDR therapist. I am also a Lecturer with the University of Otago in Christchurch.  

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