This web site presents a directory of supervisors for the voluntary sector and is in response to a need for access to quality, affordable supervision for both paid staff and volunteers in the voluntary sector in Canterbury.

Research was begun in mid-May 2000 to verify the expressed need, a report was produced and the results were collectively discussed. The voluntary sector believed that the key issues are best addressed by the production of a Supervision Directory in electronic copy.

Besides the directory being an informative resource as to where and by whom supervision is provided, it is also intended as an education and advocacy resource – please check the resources page for further information.
Recommendations for improvements are always welcome and ongoing updates always appreciated. There is a small fee (currently $57.50 including GST) payable for new entries (and then annually) for which you will be invoiced when your entry becomes available on the web site.

Please contact us on email admin[at] for further information.

We also recommend that you review the disclaimer and terms of use for this site.

Please note the provision of this directory is a service only and we take no responsibility for checking credentials or information given. It is up to the individual using this information to ensure they have made the appropriate checks before engaging a supervisor.