Jagger, Alison

The property
Availability: Flexible times Charges: To be discussed
Venue: To be arranged
Qualifications: BSW, Cert Edu, Diploma in Holistic Therapies, N.N.E.B, Crystal Healing
I am passionate about people being the best they can be in their roles, I have a big focus on self care and good health and safety at work. I can help focus on a good work life balance, help you manage high complex cases and ensure safe practice. I encourage reflection on your practice and yourself and integrate theory and good holistic practice in to the sessions. I am also interesting in encouraging safe cultural practice. My background consists of working with children and families in various settings as a preschool nursery nurse, then moving on to retrain at university to work as an adult teacher of various Child Care courses. Moving to New Zealand 14 years ago I decided to up skill my cultural knowledge and completed my BSW. I have social work experience of working for a statutory organisation in the child protection field for over 8 years, as well working in various NGO’s. At present I am a clinical team leader to a team of social workers, counselors and youth workers. I have over 25 years of experience in the social services field.

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