Myerscough-Nagy, Ruby

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I have supervised counsellors, student counsellors, nurses, probation officers and career services. Have worked in all areas, particularly in the fields of alcohol and drug addiction. Full member of NZAC for 21 years. I have 14 years experience as a supervisor for Lifeline. Supervisor for Career Services, probation and social services organisations. Have worked with repeat offenders and their families. Prefer to supervise individuals but will work with groups of 2-3. I have been in private practice as a counsellor for 13 years. I work as a family counsellor for Wellbeing North Canterbury.  My private practice is only as a supervisor. My interests are working with community organisations such as NGOs, Women's groups, AVIVA, Battered women. I work with students who wish to apply for NZAC membership.
Availability: Thursdays Charges: $70 - $100 (negotiable)
Venue: 23 Hawkesbury Avenue, Christchurch
Qualifications: Diploma of Counselling; C.I.T. Training - Supervision Accredited Clinical Supervisor for DAPAANZ. Training in group crisis intervention
Affiliations: Member of MNZAC for 26 years

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